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    The e-ManTRA project is ending!

    Publiée le : 30 mai 2023

    After 2 years of development, the e-ManTRA project will be concluded on 31 May 2023. A final conference bringing together the partners and stakeholders involved in training was held in Paris on 16 May...

  • Formation, Innovation, Transport

    Games ready!

    Publiée le : 30 mars 2023

    Exciting news! Our e-ManTRA team has just completed the development on the two educational games for students in transport manager training (EQF level5):

    - Master of Transport

    - Seal the Deal

  • Enseignement supérieur, Formation, Innovation

    3rd transnational meeting of the e-ManTRA project

    Publiée le : 17 octobre 2022

    The e-ManTRA project partners met on 13 and 14 October in Gothenburg, Sweden. This was the third transnational meeting of this 24-month project which aims to equip training courses for transport...

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    5 tips to strengthen your motivation to learn in an online e...

    Publiée le : 11 octobre 2022

    What kind of reception does the newly published, shiny new online training get? Is it a compulsion or a desire to learn that is uppermost in your mind?

    If the answer includes indignant snorting and...

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    e-ManTRA project team launches second part of the project

    Publiée le : 17 juin 2022

    The partners of the e-ManTRA project had a meeting on June 14 and 15 in Berlin. The objectives of this meeting were to finalise the work started during the first year of the project and to establish a...

  • e-ManTRA workshop

    Formation, Innovation, Logistique, Transport

    Two online workshops enable efficient progress in the e-ManT...

    Publiée le : 16 mars 2022

    The e-ManTRA project team organised two online workshops on the 15th of March. The aim was to work on two project outcomes together with all partners involved and to collect as many suggestions and...

  • Enseignement professionnel, Enseignement supérieur, Formation, Innovation, Transport

    e-ManTRA – Survey results available

    Publiée le : 21 décembre 2021

    e-ManTRA project, trainers from six European countries were asked about their use of digital training during the Covid-19 pandemic. This article provides a review of the results of the survey.