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Exciting news! Our e-ManTRA team has just completed the development on the two educational games for students in transport manager training (EQF level5):

- Master of Transport

- Seal the Deal

Our e-ManTRA team has just completed the development on the two educational games for students in EQF lever 5 training in transport manager:

  • Master of Transport
  • Seal the Deal

These games are designed for distance training in virtual classrooms and have already been tested throughout Europe.

About these games:

"Master of Transport" is a digital card game, while "Seal the Deal" uses scenario branching and 3D characters to simulate real-life conversations with a boss and a customer. Both games aim to motivate students but offer different game mechanics, graphics, and learning experiences.

Our 3D graphics producer and animator, Giovanni Bortolotti, working at StageIT, gives his view on 3D character production :

In this specific project, the challenge was to produce a large number of facial and body animations for 3D characters in a very short period of time, which should also match dialogues in multiple languages. To achieve this, I used a new, cutting-edge lip-synching software, which makes the characters lip-sync with the chosen speaker’s voice. Once the audio files are available, the lip-synching process can begin. The audio is fed into the software to be transformed into facial animation. The result can then be modified and fine-tuned with a series of tools to create a more natural feeling. Expressions and subtle nuances can then be further added in layers on top of the facial animation base, to convey an immersive dialogue experience.”

“I really enjoyed exploring the lip-synching technology as well as being able to apply it to a gamified learning experience. The process of creating an interactive experience with a 3D character can be very realistic and at the same time save time, which is a huge leap compared to previous years. ”We’re thrilled with the results of our testing so far and can’t wait to share these games."

Check out ours films to get a flavor of them !


Master of transport

Seal the deal

And if you’re interested in learning more or trying out the games for yourself, please reach out and let us know ! 

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