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Two online workshops enable efficient progress in the e-ManTRA project!

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The e-ManTRA project team organised two online workshops on the 15th of March. The aim was to work on two project outcomes together with all partners involved and to collect as many suggestions and contributions as possible through discussions in small groups. The results are very diverse and will be helpful to the respective responsible partners in developing the outcomes. 

1st Workshop: 

This workshop focused on the first project output, namely the Guide with innovative pedagogies for the implementation of inclusive distance or blended training.

Following a survey with teachers and trainers in the six partner countries of the project as well as a desk research, 55 innovative methods and pedagogical approaches were selected by the partners. Theses methods are suitable for setting up inclusive, dynamic and varied distance and blended learning for learners in transport manager training at EQF level 5.

Workshop atelier 1

The workshop facilitated discussion on how these methods can be combined for specific learning objectives of the transport manager training. These scenarios will help teachers and trainers to implement online or hybrid training and provide learners with a new, exciting and motivating learning experience. 

2nd Workshop: 

The second workshop addressed the Guidance material to help students in EQF level 5 trainings in transport and logistics in Europe to adapt to online and distance learning.

Its main objective was to brainstorm in small groups to collect ideas and advice for the future student guide.

Workshop atelier 2

The project partners reflected on the factors that can influence learners' persistence and risks of dropping out during distance and online learning and considered what good practices students can adopt to deal with concentration problems during online classes, find ways to organise themselves and reduce the risk of demotivation by working on self-motivation. 

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