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3rd transnational meeting of the e-ManTRA project

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The e-ManTRA project partners met on 13 and 14 October in Gothenburg, Sweden. This was the third transnational meeting of this 24-month project which aims to equip training courses for transport managers across Europe with effective and inclusive digital tools and teaching methods to facilitate distance teaching and online learning.

On the first day, the seven partners from six European countries discussed the digital training tools that will be finalised by the end of January: a virtual platform for group work, an online card game on European social regulations as well as a digital escape room on how to create a transport plan with the aim of providing the client with a competitive solution with minimal carbon impact. The card game could even be tested live for the first time, which allowed the partner in charge of developing the tool to collect opinions and ideas from other participants to improve this first version.

In addition, the partners were able to conclude the work on the first two deliverables:

The second day was entirely devoted to the launch of the last activity, which consists, on the one hand, of a pilot phase allowing to test in real life all the pedagogical resources developed in this project. On the other hand, the partners will formulate recommendations for teachers and training providers, as well as for public authorities, to make proposals to increase the use of digital tools and facilitate online teaching and distance learning.

Photo e-mantra

Photo e-mantra

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