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e-ManTRA: Feedbacks on the project testing phase


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All the resources developed in the framework of the e-ManTRA project were tested in real conditions in each of the partners countries, with teachers, trainers, training professionals and learners in EQF level 5 training of transport manager. 

Discover the feedbacks and testimonies of this testing phase! 

Following a presentation of each resource, either online or in face to face, the teachers/trainers were given the opportunity to test the tools directly and independently, first on their own and then with their learners.

The aim was to make the results of the project sustainable and to ensure that, in each partner country, "teacher/trainer ambassadors" have been trained in the use of the project's results and will be able to transfer their knowledge to their local and national colleagues. 

Feedbacks on the online making decision tool

This tool, consisting of several guides of innovative pedagogical methods for teachers and trainers, is available online in the form of a decision support tool, which allows teachers and trainers to quickly find a format, methods and pedagogical tools adapted to their training needs.

Trainers testify:

" At the beginning of the pandemic, it was particularly difficult for me to suddenly switch from traditional classroom teaching to online courses. The online decision-making tool and the guides produced by the e-ManTRA project would have been particularly useful to me then. As I continue to teach most of my courses online, I have already started using some of the teaching scenarios created for transport managers courses, which include methods and tools specifically designed for online teaching. I have already noticed an improvement in the participation and motivation of my students. Thank you, e-ManTRA!" 
Andreea, trainer, FATII-ARTRI, Roumania.

"This tool is very useful when you need some advice for your classes!"
"It is a pity I didn’t have all this during the lockdown due to the COVID!"
"The tested tools will be an invaluable resource for me and for sure will help me with my classes."
Trainers, Institut de Vic, Spain. 


Feedbacks on the guide to help learners adapt to online and distance learning and its self-assessment quiz.

In order to limit the difficulties associated with e-learning and to enable the learner to optimise his or her distance learning, a self-assessment quiz and guide have been developed in the framework of the e-ManTRA project.

The online quiz allows learners to identify their strengths and weaknesses in relation to distance learning and provides a guide of good practices.

A student testifies:

"As a student, I took many online courses, and it was very difficult for me to keep my focus and motivation high. Online courses are often boring and difficult to follow. I didn't know how to better organize my time and how to manage the stress of my daily work. I answered the dropout quiz and I read the chapters in the student guide created by e-ManTRA team that suited me better. I found there many useful tips that I will apply in the future to improve my learning."

Mihai, student, Smart Evo Speed SRL,Roumania 


Feedbacks on the “Master of Transport” card game

This card game provides a fun review of the European Social Regulation (ESR) on driving and resting times as well as other knowledge relevant to transport managers (customs, Incoterms, maritime and multimodal transport, etc.).

A trainer testifies:

e-ManTRA escape game visual

"I teach weekly courses for transport managers. One of the important topics, but difficult to remember, is represented by  the European Social Regulations. My students always complain that they have to memorize a lot of numbers that don't make any sense. I also admit that I was circumspect about the gamification learning methods. But I changed my mind when I saw the reaction of my students after playing the ESR card game Master of Transports. Not only did they recap the notions of driving and resting times for professional drivers, but they had so much fun, that they wished the game would never end. Thank you, e-ManTRA, I received an online learning tool that I will definitely use again!" 
Cristian, trainer, FATII-ARTRI, Roumania

Students testify: 

e-ManTRA: card game

 "The card game is great. At the beginning, you may feel a bit lost, as in any other game you play for the first time. After a several games, it gets very intuitive. Apart from the European Social Regulations, it's a good tool to revise content from different Road transport areas, especially International Trade."
Jalal, student, Escola del Treball , Spain 

"I really liked the card game. I would love to be able to access it from home, maybe playing against the computer (or even against friends), to revise for future tests."
Aitor, student, Escola del Treball, Spain 


Feedbacks on the escape game “Seal the deal” 

The "Seal the Deal" escape game offers learners an immersion into the heart of road freight operations. They have 60 minutes to gather their skills to answer the call for tender of a demanding client.

A trainer testifies:

"In terms of methodology, the game has a very interesting and necessary set-up. The game is interesting and engaging”. 
Christophe, trainer, Lycée Dédoat de Séverac Céret, France


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